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Reiki Treatment

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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Treatment

During a Reiki treatment, many recipients notice they enter a very deep state of relaxation.

As recipients relax, their own energy can flow in a more natural, self healing way.

Reiki is a gentle holistic and complementary therapy that may be used with confidence alongside orthodox healthcare.  As such it expands treatment options.

Please note - Reiki is not an alternative to conventional medicine. - You should always consult a GP about acute or infectious conditions and in connection with any problems of an urgent nature.
What to expect during your Reiki Treatment Session?

At your first appointment, we will take some time to discuss how you are feeling on a physical and emotional level and to establish what you are hoping to gain from the session.  This is called setting your intention  and it is important as it provides  focus for the session.  It is also an important opportunity to connect with each other and to establish a trusting and cooperative working relationship.  For this reason, I offer clients an additional 1/4 hour consultation, free of charge as part of their first session.

During your subsequent Reiki sessions, we will evaluate how you feel you are benefitting from the treatments and establish an intention at each session.  This ensures your Reiki treatments are reflective of your needs and wishes.

Comfortable and relaxing treatment room

Your Reiki session will take place in a private, comfortable and relaxing treatment room.  You will lie on a therapy table (or sit in a chair if preferred) and you will remain fully clothed. It is important to be comfortable and warm during your treatment.  For this reason, you will be covered with a blanket during Reiki.   Quiet background music is played or if you prefer to experience Reiki in silence, this is also possible. When you receive Reiki all you need to do is close your eyes (if you wish)  and relax. There is no effort required on your part for the Reiki to work.

During a treatment, my hands will be placed gently on or just above your body, normally starting at your head. The Reiki practitioner is just a channel for the life force energy as the energy flows through to the recipient.  Each hand position is held for as long as the energy needs to flow to the selected place. This is normally for around 3-5 mintes.  Your private parts are NEVER touched.

Feeling of warmth, peace and very deep relaxation

During the treatment, many people say they notice a feeling of warmth, peace and very deep relaxation. As the body relaxes, there can be a ‘letting go’ of tension, and for some, and some comment that pain seems to be relieved. Often the outcome of a session is a profound feeling of well-being and integration.

Every Reiki experience is unique to the individual receiver.  There are no rules about how it should feel. Some people will feel Reiki energy as heat, others as coolness or tingling sensations.  Sometimes people experience very little but most people will feel a sense of relaxation and peace.  These are all perfetly normal sensations.

After a session is finished

After a session is finished you will be offered a glass of water to rehydrate and come back to a full state of alertness.  There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions.

A one-hour Reiki treatment is the physiological equivalent of 3-4 hours of sleep. 

While there are no claims for curing illness, many clients seem to experience inner peace as a result of undergoing this process.

As part of her philosophy of personal growth and self empowerment, Caterina feels that it is important for Reiki recipients to know that they are participating in their own self-healing and that as a Reiki practitioner, she is  just an aid to assist.   The person has to be willing to heal.


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The cost per 1hr Reiki session is $110 and includes an extra 15-minute consultation. 

As a Registered Reiki Practitioner with Reiki N.Z.  I abide by the Reiki N.Z. Code of Ethics. There are no guarantees expressed or implied as to the outcome of any Reiki  treatment or service provided by Caterina Findsen


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