"The Koru represents - New Life, New Growth, New Beginnings"

How would it be if your dreams become your reality?

Do you dream of doing something you’ve always wanted to do?  Find purpose and meaning in your life,  improve or change your relationships, move to a new area of the country or overseas, get on top of your money issues, lose weight, find another job – or all of these things?  I can help you change your life.

Koru Self Development was established as a personal development business to educate and teach others how to develop empowered lives and to achieve their true potential using non-invasive and holistic health methods.

Caterina was drawn to use the Koru as logo. The Koru is an iconic symbol of New Zealand native flora and shows the unfurling new leaf of the silver fern (our national emblem) and represents the unfolding of new life, new growth and positive new beginnings.

Caterina is passionate about working in the area of transformational therapy  as a Clinical Hypnotherapist,  Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner,  Calm Birthing with Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator, Usui /Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner, Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner  and as a coach for personal growth, self development and healing.



Caterina's clinic is based at 30 Masters Ave, Hillcrest, Hamilton, New Zealand.  Sessions are held in her clinic by appointment only and if you are unable to attend in Hamilton, she also offers sessions via SKYPE.

If you wish to discuss your personal situation before booking a session or want to make an appointment, please feel free to send an email via the contact me link or give me a call.   All contact with Koru Self Development is treated in the strictest confidence.  


Clinic hours are Tuesday & Wednesday 9-30 am - 5pm & Thursday 9-30 am - 6pm.

Caterina (Catherine) Findsen


I am a registered member of:

Hypnosis New Zealand

Reiki NZ - Waikato representative.

Reiki Waikato Committee member    https://www.facebook.com/Reiki-Waikato

http://www.sheilagranger.com/nearest-practitioner/new-zealand/   The Virtual Gastric Band practitioner


Caterina would like to acknowledge gratitude to Jeffree Clarkson, New Zealands foremost inner peace and meditation music composer.  The  background music played in the hypnotherapy and Reiki clinic is from his double album "Peace and Quiet". With Jeffree's kind permission this music is also  used  as background in all Caterina's CD's.  http://www.jeffree.co.nz/product-category/music/digital_albums/



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